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4 reviews for Boulyn Feed

  1. Preyash Nunthoolall

    Best I’ve ever used at Albert falls

  2. Heinrich

    This feed is really the best for me.
    The texture and smell is really amazing.
    This feed will definitely get you started on the right track…with this feed in (kollietjie) +-. Radius of 3-5 meters…you won’t sit down…
    Best well done to Team Boulyn

  3. Rory Reynolds

    Awesome no second guessing when you mix the bomb 2 feed to 1 water setup rods and its ready to go and the best part of all once applied there is no need to wash or rinse hands/

  4. Vince Farrell

    Brilliant product to use. Always have excellent results. Binds very well onto spring or mushroom sinkers.
    Wont use any other product.

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