Megabass – Big Gabot


Custom designed for the BIG GABOT, the hook bend, angle and wire diameter are optimized for hook-up ratio and hold in heavy cover applications.


The CATAMARAN MOUTH (PAT.P) powers splashy, pinpoint turns. The open-mouth design also creates irresistible, airy popping sounds to attract wary predators.


The tail skirt is rear-mounted to support balanced walking action and lifelike surface movement.

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The BIG GABOT features a CATAMARAN MOUTH(PAT.P) to power pinpoint splash-walking action, redesigned weight and internals for improved durability and performance, and a custom hook to dominate monsters in heavy cover. Carefully formulated body material offers optimal balance between structural integrity and compression, delivering unrivaled action and excellent hook-up ratios. Reinforced CATAMARAN MOUTH bites into the water for splashy pinpoint-walking action to target key pockets between pads and cover. Custom hook shape, wire diameter, and penetration angles guarantee optimal hook-up ratios and improve landing percentages.

Finished off with hand-tied skirts and a silicone seal to limit water intake, the BIG GABOT will challenge your preconceptions and bring explosive action to your frogging expeditions.


Twitch the rod with a steady cadence for splash-walk action
Lifelike popping and splashing attracts even the wariest predators


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