Megabass Spinnerbait – V9



The Megabass V9 Spinnerbait has been specifically designed to outperform any other spinnerbait on the market! Carefully crafted, the V9 features a head with a special slit through it along with a keep bottom ensuring that your bait will run true even you when you bang it into debris, brush, weeds, grass or anything else in the water. The head design of the Megabass V9 Spinnerbait also allows it to run at both fast and slow speeds for switching up your presentation.

Not only is the head of the Megabass V9 Spinnerbait far superior, but the wire frame has been meticulously tuned to promote optimal performance. The bends in frame enhance blade vibration and actually allow the blades to touch just enough to create a clicking noise as it moves through the water. The clicking blades feature a custom design utilizing multiple blade shapes into one for superior performance. Lastly, the Megabass V9 Spinnerbait uses a long shank for better hook setting performance, a hand tied skirt and 3D eyes and gill plate for even more realism in the water. Just when you thought a classic design couldn’t get any better, the Megabass V9 Spinnerbait is poised to change eveyone’s standards when it comes to spinnerbaits!


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