Shimano Sustain 10000FG

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1 review for Shimano Sustain 10000FG

  1. Craig Anderson

    The Shimano Sustain 5000/10000 FG is possibly the best all-round Reel that you can get, the applications are Endless, Salt Water, or inland. Landed a 6kg Garrick on a Berkley Taipan Venom 11 matched with the Sustain 5000 on 30-40 lb braid and a 12 kg Mussel Cracker on the same setup. The Sustain worked like a dream, smooth casting, brilliant Drag, great line lay, and no wind knots. What a compact Beautiful Reel with all the power you need for fishing Mid to heavy fish. The difference between the 5000 and 10000 is there more line capacity on the 10000 for Heavier Fish. , a tremendous amount of cranking power, and the CI4 Rotor is super light. You won’t be sorry.

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